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MSM Legacy program is a unique program designed for our alumni with children, family members, and mentees interested in applying to Morehouse School of Medicine. Our alumni are the foundation of our institution, and we are excited to support your legacy at Morehouse School of Medicine.


Once a semester, in partnership with Office for Educational Outreach and Health Careers and MSMNAA, the Office of Alumni and Constituent Engagement hosts "Legacy Day." It is an exclusive opportunity for MSM legacies to learn about Morehouse School of Medicine's culture, programs, and campus life. It's a time for Legacies to meet other Legacies interested in attending Morehouse School of Medicine or who want to enter the healthcare profession and build a network of support.

If you have questions about the Legacy Program, please contact Dr. Rita Finely, Assistant Dean, Office for Educational Outreach and Health Careers at


Eligibility Requirements:

Undergraduate students are welcome to enroll in the MSMLegacy program.

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MSM Legacy Opportunities 

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MSM Legacy Evenings

MSM Legacy  Evenings: Legacies will learn more about the admission process and prepare financially for MSM. Legacies will have the opportunity to learn about each program and a chance to meet the President and Dean of Morehouse School of Medicine.


MSM Legacy Mentor

​MSM Legacy  Mentor: Students have the opportunity to get matched with a mentor to assist with their interests in the healthcare field. 

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MSM Legacy Advisement

MSM Legacy  Advisement: Legacies may schedule an appointment to tour MSM, meet with a Program Director, and sit with Dr. Rita Finely, Assistant Dean, Office for Educational Outreach and Health Careers. Dr. Finely will discuss academic pathways to medical school and review transcripts and MCAT scores. For more information, you may contact Dr. Rita Finely at

MSM Legacy Enrollment Form

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